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August 18, 2006
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Unabashed Tango Theme by Lokheed Unabashed Tango Theme by Lokheed
The Unabashed Tango Theme.

Not nearly complete. Does not conform to the naming spec. Some residue of the "old GNOME" style. Still interested?

This is the unofficial, unadulterated, unabashed personal Tango theme of Lokheed as it was the moment he left Linux (Gentoo) for Apple Mac OS X. It is anything but complete, but there are many icons unique to this theme that are nowhere else to be found.

Accolades go to Jakub Steiner and the entire crew working on the Tango Desktop Project. Credits also go to certain individuals in the community that have also added to the Tango development over this past year.

This set is released under the CC license and is free to distribute and modify as long as you yourself, release it under the CC license containing the very same provisos mentioned previously.


EDIT: Fixed an issue with the emblems, please replace this new version with previous one.
OMG, I love it. It made my day, lol... *continues drooling over the beautiful pixel perfect icons* <3333

It's sooo perfect and it finally makes Tango usable for me. I could never stand Tango before, it was way too incomplete and unpolished and it bugged me to death. Although this set may not be quite as insanely complete as gperfection, it's still infinitely better than any other Gnome icon set out there, and I can finally take a break from the graphite suite for awhile.

Thanks so much for this and for all your work. Your themes are nearly the only ones I can stand using anymore, especially the icon sets. I'm way too much of a perfectionist and you're the only one who makes things look complete and polished enough for me :P

I'll miss your work a lot, but I'm glad that you've found a system that works better for you. I wish you all the best. :D
OMG, I love them! =D Thanks for releasing these<3333
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